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Focus Group Meeting "Magmatic processes"

The meeting of the "Magmatic processes and Mantle Dynamics" group took place in Tübingen, July 6th 2009
When Jul 06, 2009
from 01:00 AM to 05:00 PM
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Begin at 13:00, end at 17:00
The first half was reserved for short project reports and discussions.
The second half was for general discussion about links and cooperations within the petrology projects and with geophysics and modelling groups, and strategies for the next phase.

Important points identified include:
a) Unifying theme for petrology projects: “Mantle-derived magmas and their interaction with crust” with a common goal to trace the magmatic record from pre-breakup (Etendeka) to post-breakup (evolution of the Walvis Ridge)
b) 3 priority topics where all projects can contribute samples, analytical experience and equipment: Geochronology (Kiel), Melt inclusions (Potsdam), Magmatic volatiles (Tübingen)
c) there is an urgent need for information from SPP coordinators about the next phase of proposals. What is the duration of the next phase, and must it be the same for all projects? If the next phase is 3 years for all, is there a recommendation for ongoing projects - 18 months to finish the current phD, and the remaining 18? A limited set of options will help proponents and reviewers.


13 participants represented 8 running projects and one new proposal:

  1. Petrogenesis of Etendeka gabbroic rocks, Cape Fria NW Namibia - Gregor Markl, Thomas Wenzel, Linda Worgard (phD student), Fabian Setzer (MSc student) U. Tübingen
  2. Structures and mechanisms of dyke emplacement at a volcanic rifted margin – AMS, microfabric analyses and geochronology of mafic dyke swarms from NW Namibia -  Reinhard Greiling, Miriam Wiegand (phD student), U. Karlsruhe; Robert Trumbull, GFZ, Potsdam
  3. Composition and melting conditions of primary mantle magmas in the Etendeka igneous province, NW Nambia, from melt inclusion and phenocryst microanalysis - Robert Trumbull, GFZ, Potsdam
  4. Spliting continental lithosphere during early rifting in the South Atlantic with emphasis on the role of magmatism - Thorsten Nagel, U. Bonn
  5. Mineralogical and dynamic origin of the South African Superplume - Gerd Steinle-Neumann, U. Bayreuth
  6. Geophysical image of the continent-ocean boundary, implications on mantle dynamics and lithospheric controls on continental breakup in the South Atlantic - Bernd Schreckenberger, BGR Hannover
  7. Transition from a sheared to a volcanic rifted margin: The crustal structure of the southern South Atlantic margin off Argentina - Michael Schnabel, BGR Hannover
  8. Ar/Ar Geochronology and geochemistry of samples from the Walvis Ridge - Kaj Hoernle, IFM-Geomar, Kiel
  9. New: Petrogenesis of the Messum igneous complex: multi-isotope and HFS trace elements - Stefan Jung, U. Hamburg