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EGU SAMPLE-Session 2011

Several sessions at EGU 2011 will be (co-)convened by SAMPLE researchers. The event will take place between April 3.-8., 2011.
  • GD2.1/SSP1.9/TS4.4 “Basin Dynamics” - Convener: Dr. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth
  • GD3.2/GI-16/SM3.9 “Exploring crust and mantle under the oceans: innovative instrumentation, processing and interpretation of ocean-bottom data” – Convener: Dr. Wolfram Geissler; Co-conveners: Dr. Marion Jegen, Dr. Karin Sigloch
  • GD3.5 “South America: From Neoproterozoic to Recent” - Convener: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Glasmacher
  • GD4.2/TS5.7 “Evolution of the South Atlantic: from Gondwana to 2 continents” - Convener: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Glasmacher ; Co-Conveners: Dr. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth , Dr. Robert B. Trumbull , Hans-Peter Bunge
  • TS5.4/ BG3.8/ SSP2.5 “Natural gas seepage and focused fluid flow on continental margins”  - Convener: Dr. Zahie Anka