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Newsletter 02/2012

This newsletter contains information about 1) Meeting of the “Magmatic processes and Mantle Dynamics” group in Münster, 2) Meeting of the " Lithospheric Structure, Deformation and Breakup Processes" group and of the “Sedimentary Systems and Fluid Systems” group in Aachen, 3) SAMPLE Colloquium 2012, 4) SAMPLE Colloquium 2012: financial support, 5) RV “Maria S. Merian“ MSM 20-1: Fieldwork Report, 6) G. Viola, A. Kounov, M.A.G. Andreoli, J. Mattila “Brittle tectonic evolution along the western margin of South Africa: more than 500 Myr of continued reactivation”, 7) Special double issue of the South African Journal of Geology, edited by Maarten deWit and Robert Trumbull

Newsletter14022012.pdf — PDF document, 450 kB (461802 bytes)