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Funding Period II

Here you can find the list of the funded projects.
BE 1041/29-1
Deformation and syn-rift magmatism at the South Atlantic passive continental margin, Walvis Ridge area. A marine wide angle seismic and magnetotelluric experiment.
BU 2012/7-2
Rapid plate motion variations as a probe into plate boundary forces in the South Atlantic basin
BU 2012/8-2
Program management and scientific networking.
BU 2012/9-1
Full waveform tomography of the South Atlantic upper mantle.
DI 880/3-2
Long-term evolution of the Argentine continental margin: implications for hydrocarbon generation, migration, leakage and climate feedback.
FR 2119/2-2
Transition from a sheared to a volcanic rifted margin: the crustal structure of the southern South Atlantic margin off Argentina.
GL 182/14-2 FO 232/3-2
Thermal history, exhumation, uplift, and long-term landscape evolution of the South Atlantic passive continental margin, Brazil and Namibia-Angola.
GL 182/16-1
Thermal history, exhumation, uplift, and long-term landscape evolution of the South Atlantic passive continental margin in Eastern Argentina.
GR 682/13-2 TR 256/1-2
Structures and mechanisms of dyke emplacement at a volcanic rifted margin – AMS, microfabric analyses and geochronology of mafic dyke swarms from NW Namibia.
HO 1833/17-2
WALVIS I: Ar/Ar Geochronology and Geochemistry of existing samples from the Walvis Track and Rio Grande Rise.
JE 296/9-1
Electromagnetic, gravimetric and seismic measurements to investigate the Tristan da Cunha hot spot and its role in the opening of the South Atlantic.
KO 2463/8-1
Tectonic evolution of the South Atlantic passive continental margin based on onshore structural data.
KU 1476/4-1
Comparative analysis of the Late Cretaceous to Recent post-breakup basin evolution of the South-American and S-African margin of the southern Atlantic.
MA 2135/13-2
Consequences of variable degrees of crustal contamination on the phase petrology and halogen budget of plume-related Northern Etendeka effusives and dikes, NW Namibia.
RI 1127/9-1
On/offshore deep electrical conductivity structure to investigate the Walvis Ridge magmatism and its interaction with the Kaoko Mobile Belt in northern Namibia.
RY 12/9-1
Lithospheric structure of the Namibian continental passive margin at the intersection with the Walvis Ridge from amphibious seismic investigations.
SCHE 674/5-2
3D lithosphere-scale modelling of the South Atlantic passive continental margins with focus on the South African and Argentine segments.
SI 1538/1-1
Finite-frequency tomography and waveform modeling of the South Atlantic mantle.
SO 425/4-2
Combining global and lithospheric-scale thermomechanical models of continental break-up in South Atlantic.
STE 1105/6-2
Mineralogical and Dynamic Origin of the South African Superplume.
STE 907/8-1
The link between subduction under South America and plumes and LIPs in the South Atlantic.
STO 275/8-2
Late Cretaceous to Recent post-breakup evolution of the African S-Atlantic margin: integrating onshore field studies, sequence development, offshore seismic data, dating and modelling.
TH 864/11-1
Reconstruction of atmosphere-ocean circulation patterns for geological time slices by self-consistent coupled model simulations.
TH 1530/3-1
Seismic heterogeneities beneath the Atlantic and Africa - thermal or chemical?
TR 256/2-2
Composition and melting conditions of primary mantle magmas at the volcanic rifted margin of southern Africa.
UE 49/11-2
Sedimentary features in the Argentine Basin: A key to understand the evolution of oceanic current systems -Argentine Basin drifts I and II-
WI 1225/5-1
Structural-kinematic history of crustal-scale lineaments along the South Atlantic continental margins.
YU 115/7-1
Walvis Ridge Passive-Source Seismic Experiment.