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Comparative analysis of the Late Cretaceous to Recent post-breakup basin evolution of the South-American and S-African margin of the southern Atlantic.

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Peter Kukla, Dr. Stefan Back

KuklaRundeIIThis project focuses on a regional comparison between the post-breakup tectonic and stratigraphic record archived in the Pelotas and Santos basins offshore southern Brazil and the post-breakup continental margin successions of offshore Namibia and southern Angola. Tectonic-stratigraphic analysis of selected, representative 2D seismic transects both south and north of the Florianopolis - Walvis Ridge volcanic complex will provide a comprehensive basin-to-basin documentation of the key factors controlling the post-breakup offshore margin development including the margin configuration, subsidence development through time, sediment influx and storage patterns, type of basin fill (e.g. salt vs. non-salt systems; carbonate-rich vs. clastics-dominated systems) and sea-level fluctuations. Combined tectonic-stratigraphic backstripping will be used to integrate, quantify and weigh the influence of the above factors on the margin development at the different study sites.