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Funding Period I

Here you can find the list of the funded projects.
BU 2012/7-1
Rapid plate motion variationa as a probe into plate boundary forces in the South Atlantic basin
BU 2012/8-1
DI 880/3-1
Long-term evolution of the Argentine continental margin: implications for hydrocarbon generation, migration, leakage and climate feedback
FR 2119/2-1
Transition from a sheared to a volcanic rifted margin: The crustal structure of the southern South Atlantic margin off Argentina
GL 182/14-1 FO 232/3-1
Thermal history, exhumation, uplift, and long-term landscape evolution of the Western South Atlantic passive continental margin, Brazil
GR 682/13-1 TR 256/1-1
Structures and mechanisms of dyke emplacement at a volcanic rifted margin – AMS, microfabric analyses and geochronology of mafic dyke swarms from NW Namibia
HO 1833/17-1
WALVIS I: Ar/Ar Geochronology and Geochemistry of existing samples from the Walvis Ridge and Rio Grande Rise
MA 2135/13-1
Petrogenesis of gabbroic and doleritic Etendeka rocks East of Cape Fria, NW Namibia
NA 411/2-1
Spliting continental lithosphere during early rifting in the South Atlantic with emphasis on the role of magmatism
NE 1193/1-1
Geophysical image of the continent-ocean boundary, implications on mantle dynamics and lithospheric controls on continental breakup in the South Atlantic
SCHE 674/5-1
3D lithosphere-scale modelling of the South Atlantic passive continental margins with focus on the South African and Argentine segments
SO 425/4-1
Three-dimensional thermomechanical modeling of continental break-up in South Atlantic
STE 1105/6-1
Mineralogical and Dynamic Origin of the South African Superplume
STR 641/3-1
The role of mantle plumes in the formation of Large Igneous Provinces: constraints from noble gases
STO 275/8-1
Late Cretaceous to Recent post-breakup evolution of the African S-Atlantic margin: integrating onshore field studies, sequence development, offshore seismic data, numerical dating and modelling
TR 256/2-1
Composition and melting conditions of primary mantle magmas in the Etendeka igneous province, NW Nambia, from melt inclusion and phenocryst microanalysis
UE 49/11-1
Argentine Basin: A key to understand the evolution of oceanic current systems - Argentine Basin drifts I -
ZU 78/3-1
Integrated basin analysis of the Brazilian Atlantic continental margin, sequence stratigraphy and numerical basin modeling