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Integrated basin analysis of the Brazilian Atlantic continental margin, sequence stratigraphy and numerical basin modeling.

Principal Investigators: Dr. Rainer Zühlke, Dr. Thilo Bechstädt ZuehlkeRundeI

The Brazilian margin records the rift to drift development of the western South Atlantic margin from Jurassic to recent times. This project focuses on offshore seismic data in the Campos, Santos and Pelotas Basins in order to qualitatively analyse the development of this rifted margin and its key controlling factors. Seismostratigraphic and well log analysis, basin modeling and stratigraphic simulation represent the key methodologies. They will be applied to three available, representative and high-resolution 300-340 km long seismic transects with calibrating wells. Seimic lines cover
the rift-to-drift basin fill and are spread NE-SW over 1200 km in order to account for large-scale lateral variations in controlling processes along the western South Atlantic margin. The main objectives include a high-resolution sequence stratigraphic model and an integrated numerical basin model, linking accommodation and sedimentflux to plate-tectonic reconfigurations in the oceanic or cratonic realm. The project promises new, generally applicable results on the temporal and spatial development of rifted margins and their sedimentary processes. The project is closely related to companion projects (i) on the conjugate eastern South Atlantic margin, (ii) the southerly adjacent Uruguayan and Argentinian margins, (iii) the subsidence/uplift history of source areas on the Brazilian craton and (iv) numerical modeling of deep lithosphere-mantle processes.



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